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  • Manufacturer: PetEdge Pet Products

Guardian Gear® Choke Chain Dog Collars are the smart training solution that's built to last. Made of smooth, chrome-plated steel. Each includes a hangtag.

  • Manufacturer: PetSafe

Is your dog reactive? Does he react to dogs, people, or noises by trying to bark or bite? Muzzles are safety training tools for keeping control of your dog on visits to the vet, groomer, or places that can be scary or overwhelming for your dog. This dog muzzle safely prevents dogs from nipping, biting, and barking while still allowing them to pant. Extra padding will keep your dog comfortable, and the fully adjustable snout and neck strap allow for a perfect fit.

  • Manufacturer: Doggie Design

Doggie Design is the FIRST and ONLY company in the world to create this Exciting New Ombre Harness Design. We used our own special color blending technique to create a beautiful Palette of Rainbow Colors. 

  • UPC: 721343517047
  • Manufacturer: PetEdge Pet Products

East Side Collection® Animal Print Dog Leads are simply wild! Leads come in three distinctive animal print patterns with nickel-plated swivel clips.

  • UPC: 076484166730
  • Manufacturer: Coastal Pet Products

Our Pet Attire® Styles Dog Leash features vibrant, colorfast patterns with outstanding artistic detail printed on both sides.
ŽOur Pet Attire® Styles Dog Leashes add style to your walks. Dress up your pet in the most fashionable styles with Pet Attire

  • UPC: 076484622199
  • Manufacturer: Coastal Pet Products

Our Li'l Pals Adjustable Patterned Dog Collar is designed with comfort and style in mind and will keep your small dog fashionable.
ŽThese Patterned Dog Collars feature a curved, snap-lock buckle which provides added comfort for your dog and convenience for you. Not recommended for tie out.

  • UPC: 076484622625
  • Manufacturer: Coastal Pet Products

Our Li'l Pals Patterned Dog Leash with E-Z Snap features the patented, one-handed, lightweight E-Z Snap. Smaller sizes and an extra narrow width provide just the right fit for your puppy or small dog. The popular patterns will keep your small dog in style.
ŽLi'l Pals Patterned Dog Leash features the E-Z Snap, which allows you to easily attach the leash to your dog's collar with one hand. This dog leash consists of 5/16" width and is primarily used for smaller dogs and puppies.

  • UPC: 076484051111
  • Manufacturer: Coastal Pet Products

Our Walk 'n Train® Head Halter features pressure and release action that control the head so the body will follow. Easy instruction tabs are included for ease of use. A safety strap is included for added security. Available in six sizes to fit most dogs.
ŽThis specially engineered training tool teaches your dog to walk right, making the experience enjoyable for you and your dog.

  • UPC: 759023067704
  • Manufacturer: PetSafe

The Easy Walk Harness gently discourages your dog from pulling on the leash. Easy to fit and comfortable to wear, the Easy Walk Harness makes walking enjoyable for you and your dog. The front-chest leash attachment helps you steer your dog to the side and redirect his attention toward you. The chest strap rests across your dog’s chest instead of putting pressure on the delicate throat, so there’s no choking or gagging. Now you can take the lead and enjoy the freedom of a stress-free walk!

  • UPC: 029695125409
  • Manufacturer: Petmate Pet Products

The MuttNation Bandana Custom Fit collar collection features a removable neckerchief that taps into the Americana spirit of country life that is interwoven throughout the MuttNation brand. Available in a custom MuttNation bandana print in blue, red or pink that seamlessly blends the brand logo into a timeless pattern for a fresh, new look. Also available in country chic brown cowhide print. Each custom fit collar has antique brass hardware and allows for just the right fit for your dog's neck size. Suitable for small, medium and large dogs. Every purchase will help fund mutt rescue and adoption programs of the MuttNation Foundation™

  • UPC: 721343388098

Our Casual Canine® Fabric Camo Harness features an Oxford Camo print on our popular mesh harness body. Great for all types of dogs; especially good for smaller breeds.

  • UPC: 642611109699

The ROK DOG Leash is a highly durable stretch leash for all dogs from 10-150lbs. The stretch feature absorbs the jolt of a dog that pulls and saves your shoulder, arm and hand in the process. A unique double handle lets you pull the dog close to you, if needed.

  • UPC: 729849144606
  • Manufacturer: PetSafe

The comfortable EasySport harness is fully adjustable and padded throughout. The elasticized neckline allows for a cozy fit, and the two quick snap buckles make the harness easy to get on and off. The top handle provides an extra degree of safety when you need to control your dog quickly. Ideal for everyday wear, the EasySport Harness lets your dog enjoy life's adventures in comfort and style.

  • UPC: 748252855954
  • Manufacturer: Wigzi

Our leashes are the ultimate in comfort because our handles are packed with lots of soft gel. Let the soft gel handle conform to your hand and make walking even more fun.
The Gel Leash is made with the highest quality parts. Inside each leash is a stainless steel spring that won't rust and will keep retracting for years. Our stainless steel springs can cycle back and forth over 70,000 times. You can trust Wigzi's quality and brand reputation for years to come. Tape leads are standard. The liquid gel inside is non-toxic for the safety of you and your pet. Two year warranty.

  • UPC: 076484063060
  • Manufacturer: Coastal Pet Products

Our Comfort Soft Adjustable Dog Harness offers style and comfort, making it perfect for long walks.
ŽMade from lightweight, breathable mesh fabric, this harness distributes leash pressure across the neck and shoulders. Easily adjusts for a perfect fit.

  • UPC: 811618018543
  • Manufacturer: Doggie Design

Our New Wrap and Snap Harnesses are easy to use, lightweight, soft and feature dynamic colors and prints for Spring 2016. 4 Way Easy Adjust. Set it the first time only……then just Wrap & Snap

  • UPC: 081997110163

Safe & Stylin’ after sundown – Safety starts with visibility! Vibrant LEDs will insure your dog is seen.  LED’s alert oncoming cars and people that your dog is there.  Elive LED collars come in 4 sizes and are adjustable to fin just about any dog.  The collars and leashes come in a variety of colors.  Each collar and leash comes with a built-in 1 hour timer to extend battery life.

  • UPC: 076484623417
  • Manufacturer: Coastal Pet Products

Our Li'l Pals Adjustable Dog Collar with Glitter Overlay is designed with comfort and style in mind and features fun, dazzling color for style. Smaller sizes and an extra narrow width provide just the right fit for your puppy or small dog.
ŽThis collar features a curved, snap-lock buckle which provides added comfort for your dog and convenience for you. Not recommended for tie out.

  • UPC: 076484622236
  • Manufacturer: Coastal Pet Products

Coastal's Li'l Pals line of petite pet products are designed specifically for puppies and toy breeds. Adjustable collars, harnesses and matching leads are soft, comfortable and stylish. Glitzy, jewel collars will make any mini tail-wagger the talk of the

  • UPC: 076484072420
Excellent for dogs which easily slip a collar (i.e. Greyhounds, Dachshunds, etc.). The unique Limited closure prevents the choke from becoming too tight. This adjustable Choke/Collar is made from high quality nylon and is thick and strong. All nylon products are carefully and neatly finished for the best look and durability.