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  • Manufacturer: Orijen Biologically Appropriate Pet Foods
Our high nutrient Canadian kelp is blended with immune boosting cranberries to help maintain healthy urinary tract function.
INGREDIENTS: Dried kelp, Cranberries, flax seed
FEEDING DIRECTIONS: Mix Pet Kelp with your cat’s daily food. For fussy cats, mix Pet Kelp with their favourite liquid to create a gravy and pour the mixture over their food. Give Pet Kelp to your cat according to its weight.

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Natural herbal calming formula for stressed, nervous, or anxious pets.

  • Manufacturer: Greenies Dental Chews & Treats

The #1 Vet-Recommended Choice for Giving Pills*
FELINE GREENIES™ PILL POCKETS® Treats have built-in pouches to easily hide pills and ensure your cat takes their medication. These all-natural treats are a healthier alternative to using human foods, because they have fewer calories and less fat and sodium. Plus, they're made with real chicken and natural salmon proteins for a great taste. Make pill-giving more enjoyable for both you and your cat.