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Product Catalog

  • Manufacturer: Prevue Pet
  • Model Number: 62636

Prevue Pet Products Calypso Creations provide your bird with plenty of ways to satisfy plucking and preening urges. Easily connected to your bird cage with quick-link attachments and made from 100% safe, non-toxic materials and FD&C colors Calypso Creations bird toys may contain a combination of knotted rope, plastic beads, crinkly paper, wooden circles and woven natural palm leaves. 

  • UPC: 618940310907
  • Manufacturer: Petmate Pet Products

Your pet bird will be rocking and rolling with all the stimulation and exercise he enjoys with this JW Guitar bird toy. Designed to stimulate your pet bird's mind as well as its motor skills, this bird toy will keep your feathered friend vigorous and healthy. This instrument has multiple textures to stimulate and engage your pet's natural behaviors. Your pet bird will be entertained by the movement and sound of the bells, which is sure to be music to your ears.

  • UPC: 048081621554
  • Manufacturer: Prevue Pet

Designed for small to medium birds. Chime Time toys engage birds with delightful sounds and indestructible parts comprised of aluminum chimes, colorful ground calcium wafers, plastic beads and rubber rings. Each toy, in this line, attaches easily to cages with quick-links and is made of 100% safe, non-toxic materials.