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  • Manufacturer: Kaytee

Kaytee Finch Stations make attracting and feeding birds easier than ever! Finches don't require elaborate feeding stations. Instead, they love to cling to soft mesh sock feeders and prefer them over traditional tube feeders.

  • UPC: 071859191201
  • Manufacturer: Kaytee

Kaytee Songbird Stations make attracting and feeding birds easier than ever!

Weather- resistant dome reservoir holds extra seed, automatically keeping the seed tray filled longer.
Enjoy more bird watching opportunities with fewer refills!

  • UPC: 071859946528
  • Manufacturer: Kaytee
  • Quality powder-coated metal finish for parts that last without rusting
  • No digging required - pole drives directly into the ground

  • UPC: 042934410036
Nature's Banquet Value Blend is a fun-filled meal and treat, all in one! Our vitamin-fortified premium diet is jam-packed with real pineapple or papaya fruit bites in zesty fruit flavors. In addition, we've added our sweet and crunchy veggie bites to make it extra delicious. With fruit bites banquet, feeding time can be fun, exciting and nutritious too!