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  • Manufacturer: Zoo Med Laboratories
Completely submersible Mini Size Betta Bowl Heater! Increases water temperature 5-10°F over ambient room temperature.

Additional Information:

  • Mini Size Betta Bowl Heater!
  • Completely submersible (Bury under gravel).
  • Increases water temperature 5-10°F over ambient room temperature.
  • Fits most fish or Betta bowls.
  • Can be used on both glass and acrylic tanks.

  • Manufacturer: Zoo Med Laboratories

A exercise mirror that promotes natural territorial behaviors and provides enrichment for your Betta.

Additional Information:

  • Small mirror suspended with a floating ball.
  • When your Betta sees his reflection he will "exercise" his fins.
  • Reduces boredom from captivity.
  • Watch your Betta perform natural behaviors.
  • Patent pending.

  • UPC: 042055711029
  • Manufacturer: Hikari

A natural health aid for Betta fish. 


  • Prevents & Controls Protozoan Diseases
  • Prevents & Controls Fungal Diseases
  • Effective Blend of Naphthoquinones Speed Recovery
  • Easy To Use Dropper Bottle

  • UPC: 081997010388

The Elive Betta Cube is an ideal betta habitat. This easy to setup fish environment can be placed almost anywhere in the home or office. Betta fish are very hardy and easy to care for.

  • 0.75 gallon clear acrylic cube
  • Easy setup guide
  • Cover with feeding and ventilation holes
  • Stylish elevated base
  • Display anywhere
  • Customize your background
  • Available in black, white or silver
  • Dimensions 6.3″ x 6.3″ x 7.7″

Elive’s Betta Gravel features clean, colorful painted gravel with “Glow Gems” and glow under blue light. Each bag contains 1 pound of gravel, which is enough of bowls up to 1 gallon.

  • Manufacturer: Aqueon

Aqueon foods were developed with premium ingredients and unique formulas to keep fish healthy and energetic. Aqueon foods contain only natural ingredients and contain no artificial colors. The colors of the foods are attributed to the actual ingredients in the formula, and help to bring out the natural colors in your fish.

Betta Water
•Completely Balanced Environment*
•No Chlorines or Chloramines
•Instant Water Change
•Perfect for all fresh water fish
•Contains Live® Denitrifying Bacteria and Beneficial Trace Elements
•INSTANT CYCLING® Of Your Betta Fish Bowl Or Aquarium
•100% Natural Live® Aqueous Solution
Recommended Use:
•Activ-Betta™ Bio-Activ Live® Aqueous Solution™ is a true Living Solution, rich in denitrifying bacteria & trace elements that when combined with Bio-Activ® Live Gravel, provide the only complete, instantly balanced and readied environment for your Betta.

Product Information
Reinvigorate your betta and maintain ideal water chemistry
No chlorine or chloramines
For bowl and aquariums
Great for new bowl setups or water changes

Product Information
Instantly removes chlorine and chloramines
Neutralizes ammonia
Replaces essential trace elements
Formulated for small bowls and aquariums with limited or no filtration

  • UPC: 097612240061
  • Manufacturer: Zoo Med Laboratories (old)

Automatic Daily Betta Feeder! Includes Zoo Med Betta Food Pellets. Specially formulated to intensify the colors of your Betta fish!


  • Automatically feeds your Betta every 12 hours.
  • Great for scheduled feeding times or vacations!
  • Mounts directly to the side of tank, or use enclosed rail kit for round Betta bowls or other tanks.
  • Uses one AA size battery. (Battery included)