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Regular visits can help reduce skin allergies and re-hydrates their skin.We recommend keeping your pet on a 6-10 week program. Proper grooming is an important part of caring for your pet; it not only makes them feel great but contributes to their emotional and physical health. Our full service grooming includes bathing, brush out, ear cleaning, nail clipping, full blow dry, cut and style. Properly clipped nails ensures your pet will walk and exercise in comfort. Regular ear cleaning can prevent and detect painful ear infections (Ask about our add-ons). We finish your pet with a bandanna or bow and cologne. Your pet will leave the Palace feeling regal.

Puppy's First Grooming

Nothing is more important than your puppy's first grooming. We allow extra time to ensure your pets experience is as stress free as possible. When you book an appointment, let us know you have a puppy; we will allot the time needed to acclimate them to the grooming process.

Senior & Special Needs Pets

We give our seniors and special needs pets extra time and handle them delicately. Pet Palace has special time slots for these pets so we can keep their experience pleasurable. When booking an appointment mention you have a senior or special needs pet.


Although cats are experts in the field of grooming, certain breeds require a little more attention. Long haired cats may need assistance from our groomer to stay looking good and mat free. If your cat gets matted it can be very painful and the mats will need to be removed to avoid skin infection. We handle your cat carefully to make the grooming experience as stress free as possible. We offer brush outs, dematting, nail clipping, baths and shave downs.

What you can expect from Pet Palace of Moriches:

  • Our staff is highly experienced and share a love and respect for all animals!

  • Every pet is personally greeted and assessed by one of our groomers.

  • We use low velocity fans-only air temperature is used in our newly decorated and sparkling room.

  • We will not keep your pet all day, preventing stressful separation anxiety.

  • We use a large selection of natural, made in USA shampoos and conditioners. Our products are cruelty free and do not contain parabens, sulfates or phosphates and will meet your pets specific needs.

Here are a few of our grooming clients:

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