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Water Garden/Pond

Water Garden/Pond

A pond (water garden) can be a relaxing and tranquil addition to your home. Maintaining good water quality is the most important aspect of keeping a pond. Pet Palace has what you need for a thriving water garden. This includes Koi, tester kits, filters, pumps, pump accessories, UV sterilizers, chemicals and nets. If you're starting a water garden or maintaining an existing one, we have what you need.

Spring Pond Care

Spring is an exciting time of renewal for your pond! It is very important to get things headed in the right direction for the health of your fish, plants, equipment and the general, over all health of your pond for the season to come. Follow this comprehensive guide to help you with your Spring pond maintenance. Or speak to one of our associates for more information.

Summer Pond Care

If your pond got off to the right start in the Spring, you are hopefully sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the fruits of your early labors! However, there are always a few duties to be mindful of. Find out more about feeding fish, plant care and pond aeration. Or speak to one of our associates for more information.

Autumn/Winter Pond Care

It's significantly more work to prepare your pond ready for the Autumn/Winter season. There are a lot of things to take into consideration concerning your fish, plants and equipment. As the water temperature drops, so does the metabolism of your fish. Plants too, are beginning to ready for a long winter's nap. Your pond equipment should be analyzed and checked to make it is up to the task of keeping the eco-balance of your pond throughout the cold season. Maybe you should think about purchasing a pond de-icer. For hints and tips and a beneficial check list for your Autumn/Winter pond care, please visit this link www.watergarden.org/Seasonal-Care#winter. Or speak to one of our associates for more information.

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